Carucel Eiendom
Campaign for Oslobukta

As the summer of 2020 approached it became clear the holiday experience this year would be local. Many residents looked for something new to see and experience in Oslo. That’s when Carucel Eiendom presented their brand-new urban floor in the heart of Bjørvika – Oslobukta.

Oslobukta is the new cultural centre of the city and offers a wide range of year-round experiences across culture, nature, gastronomy and shopping.

We wanted to make a carefully curated guide to the area, inspired by the old and iconic travel guides, with room for both big tourist attractions and hidden gems. The Oslobukta City Guide. At the core of the campaign is the printed guide that is unfolded and customized for social media, a campaign website, adshells and digiboards in and around the city.

– Design
– Web design
– Brochure design
– Digital screens
– Adshells
– Social media