Grønnegata 6
Visual Identity

Grønnegata 6 is a residential property located in the Homansbyen neighborhood in central Oslo. The owners of the property, Bjerke Eiendom, approached Mos to help them reposition Grønnegata 6 as a modern, vibrant, and flexible alternative to buying an apartment. Bjerke Eiendom will use this rental concept as a beacon for the future, where renting is a lifestyle choice that puts freedom into focus. Mos has developed the branding strategy, visual identity, photo style and art direction, as well the launch campaign and website.

The world as we know it is undergoing a rapid change. We communicate, travel, and socialize differently. It’s more important than ever to acknowledge that there are many paths in life and everyone deserves to live in way where they can focus on what means the most to them. The phrase “Life on your terms” positions Grønnegata 6 as a key to freedom. By choosing Grønnegata 6 as a home, renters are choosing the modern, efficient, and urban option that lets them live life in any way they wish.

The visual identity balances the high-end location of Grønnegata 6 with the contemporary and streamlined living that the apartments offer. The logotype was created from a custom typeface created by Monokrom for this project. Its classic 1800s style is inspired by the era in which Homansbyen was being developed. The logo application is almost always oversized, which creates a playful harmony in contrast to the traditional typography.

Photography: Julianne Leikanger
Web Development: Magnus Holder Bjørk (
Font Design: Frode Helland (
Film: Anna Bjerke