Visual identity & web design

GTML is a geothermal energy company that builds, owns, and operates renewable energy systems based on deep energy wells. Geothermal is an often-overlooked source of clean energy that can make a valuable contribution to help solve the climate challenges we face today. The founders of GTML know it is imperative to use their experience in the geology and energy sectors to provide a clean, renewable, and local energy source that doesn’t negatively impact nature. With this in mind GTML approached Mos to help them develop a strategy and visual identity that will inspire companies and politicians to invest in geothermal energy.

The visual identity for GTML reflects a sense of pride in the science that can drive us forward. The visuals reference the international typographic style of the mid 20th century, a style closely tied to the boundary braking science in that same time. Strict grids and clean typography can easily translate in the professional world where GTMLs target groups operate. However, a vibrant color palette and use of color on color bring out a sense of excitement and curiosity. Additionally, a warm photographic style, featuring subjects from nature, help suggest humility and care for the local environment.

Photography: Johanne Nyborg
Web Development: Magnus Holder Bjørk & Håvard Lefstad Johansen (