Visual Identity

Mekle is a digital mediation platform that offers its customers the chance to solve conflicts on neutral ground. By offering a contactless and secure environment for productive conversations Mekle lets both parties take charge of their situation. With interest in their service growing, Mekle found a need to reposition the brand to better represent their product and connect more deeply with their target groups. Mos has created the brand strategy and visual identity. Additionally, Mos is creating the content and design for Mekle’s new website.

Whether personal or professional, being in an unresolved conflict puts people in an emotional situation. The stress of carrying uncertainty about how to resolve the issue can weigh on the mind and body over time. “Det løser seg” is the driving phrase to reposition Mekle’s visual identity. No matter the issue, people feel better when things are solved.

The new visual identity aims to embody the sense of relief that comes when a stressful situation is resolved. The visual identity uses soft colors and illustrations to create a sense of empathy and openness. Using illustrations to show key messages is an important staple of the identity. With illustrations Mekle can show the core of the service without forcing people to confront the emotional impact of their situation. Additionally, a strict logotype, classic references in typography, and use of strong black for logos and texts help build a sense of competence and safety.

Illustrations: Zarina Saidova