Mesh Community
Visual identity

Mesh Community is the leading innovation network in the Nordics and consist of the startup hubs Mesh, Digs, Matrikkel1 and Founders House. Mos has over some time worked on uniting the local brands – based in Oslo, Copenhagen and Trondheim.

When creating a new visual profile, it was necessary to make a system that could grow and expand as Mesh Community keeps growing. At the same time, the new design had to consider the existing hubs and find a way, not only to unite the hubs into a larger profile, but also to honour their local history. By developing a flexible system relying on simple shapes and colors we could ensure that the new profile could be incorporated into any space, in any city.

The logo is inspired by how Mesh Community inspires creators to constantly seek something new. To visualize this, we have looked at the world’s most elementary renewal process, which is also the basis for our existence – a cell division.

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