Røros Tweed
Visual identity

Røros Tweed has been leading the way for high quality, Norwegian wool home goods for over 80 years. They have pushed boundaries with their innovative weaving techniques, their commitment to Norwegian craftsmanship, and their collaborations with up-and-coming designers.

Over the past three years Mos has had the pleasure of working with Røros Tweed by helping them form a visual language through their lookbooks. In fall 2021 Røros Tweed approached Mos to take the collaboration a step further. The iconic company needed help establishing consistency across their various media and needed to create a strong strategic foundation to build on in the future.

The solution is a clean and consistent identity that builds on the great things Røros Tweed has been doing since the company was started. At the core of this brand is a commitment to craft, a confidence in their medium, and a humility that comes from knowing where they stand. One of the most innovative things Røros Tweed has done to break into the home goods market is collaborate with designers who can look at the weaving process in a new light. Highlighting these collaborations, and telling stories of how creatives approach the challenge has helped Røros Tweed begin to curate this content driven brand refresh in a new and exciting way.