UNG Kreft

We worked with Ung Kreft, the Norwegian organization for youths with cancer, to help them spread the word about fertility preservation. When a young person is diagnosed with cancer the possibility to have children in the future is usually not the first thing that pops into their head. Here lies the challenge, how best inform a 16-year-old diagnosed with cancer about their options for fertility preservation.

Being diagnosed with cancer is hard, getting the information you need should not be. We wanted to talk about fertility preservation in an easy and uncomplicated way – and in a way that the patients would notice.

We focused on explaining something quite heavy and difficult in a simple way. “Put your semen on pause” or “put your eggs on pause” is something you don’t hear every day and thus have a certain stop effect. At a medical office a brochure can easily disappear in the myriad of information. That’s why we made a brochure that also can be folded into a poster to hang on the wall, to spread the word even more.